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February 23, 2009

Potty Training Update

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Today I have decided to get the big boy pants out. I am going to skip the training pants altogther. We have had 2 wee’s on the carpet and 3 in the potty – so we are winning so far.  I think as Harry is so young I’ll stick to nappies if we go out anywhere but I’ll still bring the potty out with us and sit him on it every now and then. I’m aiming to have him dry during the day by the time he is 2 years old. Harry still doesn’t ask for the potty but he does know when he is about to do a wee because he holds his bits. Granted he might hold his bits 1/16th of a second before he piddles but he still knows its coming. 

We are definatly doing it at the right age for Harry, I fully expect there to be lots of accidents so its just as well we are getting rid of the carpet this summer and replacing it with some wood flooring. When the next littel sprog is here it won’t be so bad , we hope, and he will already be dry during the day so he won’t have that to contend with as well as a new baby in the house.

The best laid plans! Anyway, my dear partner has to get me up the duff first 🙂




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