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January 6, 2009

Mother Vs. Lover; How do we balance the act?

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Since becoming a mum the one thing I have found hard to accomplish is the daily transition from mother to lover. I’m not talking just about sex but about the whole process of shutting off once your sproglets are in bed and having time with your partner. It is not something that comes easy to me at all.  The more I think about it, change on the whole is quite uncomfortable for me. Despite always having the urge to be moving forward in life, once something does change (ie. moving house, new job, new baby, etc) it takes quite a while until I feel comfortable with it. So when the babies are in bed and the evening begins, how do you cope with letting go of the mummy feeling and participating in couple time? For instance, if I have just come downstairs after doing the bedtime routine and my partner instantly comes over to me for a cuddle, I just can’t handle it. The conflicting emotions in me between mother and lover are just too different and I really need a good half an hour to settle myself into the new role. Once I am ready though its fine, I just have to have that little bit of time to adjust after a whole day of nappy changing, food throwing, picking up off the floor etc. Am I the only one that finds it hard? I really hope not!


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