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January 2, 2009

Having babies…is there an age limit?

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I can’t quite believe what I have just read in a newspaper article…Rajo, from Haryana, India has given birth to a baby girl at the grand old age of 70!  It goes on to say that the couple are planning to try again for a baby boy. I know that more women are having babies in their late 30’s now but 70’s? Does the baby girl even stand a chance of knowing or remembering her parents? I suppose, in theory, they could be grandparents at the age of 86. It just all seems a bit too selfish in my opinion. They must have considered the fact that they might not see their child grow up and yet they still press on regardless. What about the poor little girl who finds herself parentless at such a young age? I mean the odds are not stacked in the parent’s favour, they could be gone before the child’s 5th birthday. The article states that they had been trying to concieve a child for 55 years. I’ll be suprised if I can muster the strength to get up the stairs when I’m 70 let alone get my leg over!!!!

I guess at the end of the day it is a matter of personal choice and its really nobody’s business but their own as to how old they are when they choose to concieve a baby.

The most shocking part of that article was the price the couple paid for IVF treatment  – £2,000.

Quick…everyone over to India for their IVF!

Read the full story here –


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