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January 1, 2009

We are so lucky to be women!

Firstly let me begin by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!  If you have kids and stil managed to stay up to see the New Year in, I am truely impressed. We were in bed by 10pm – Rock and Roll!

I have thought long and hard about this over the past few years and without being sexist at all, I  feelvery lucky to be a gal. Having stopped taking the pill (its been 4 days now) I am getting that special feeling back, just the same as when I was pregnant with Harry. The mere thought that I am going to be making a baby in the very near future makes me feel really unique. I know its the same for every women so I can’t be that unique but you must have felt this before girls.  When you are not pregnant you feel like everyone else, but when you are pregnant, people treat you differently. They make you feel precious and protected. You are carrying precious cargo and doing the most important job and everyone seems to respect that. Of course you get the odd chauvanistic pleb who will constantly remark on your ever expanding waistline (like my former boss, but thats another story!). In my humble opinion, we are the fortunate ones. It doesn’t matter to me how bad the stretch marks and saggy skin get after the job is done, its a small price to pay for the privilage of growing a little baby. If your partner is worth their salt then they will love every new mark on your body that each baby brings.


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