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December 29, 2008

How does a second baby effect your relationship?

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I should imagine that most women thinking of concieving  for the second time will spend a lot of their day thinking about this subject. Its alright when you conceive your first baby. Both partners are wrapped up in the romantic idea of having a baby and have the enviable bonus of not knowing exactly how much a baby will turn your life upside down. So for those of us thinking of doing the whole thing again (we must be crazy) you can’t help but feel apprehensive of the change that comes with a new adddition. It only seems like a few weeks have passed since you got yourselves back on track. I wonder if there is a way to limit this, if only for the sake of your relationship with your partner. I read a quote somewhere once that “having a baby is like throwing a hand granade into a relationship”. I couldn’t have put it better myself! Here are a few things I plan on trying, if you know of any then please let me know…I am going to need all the help I can get.

  • Make sure that both of your children’s naps coincide – that way you will have some me time during the day. Whether you want to use it to relax or pamper yourself ready for when your other half gets home, it will make all the difference.
  • Get both children in bed by 7pm – Although this may not be practical in the first few weeks, the sooner you can get your newborn into some sort of routine the better. I know its easier said than done but if you can have an evening together just you and your partner, even if its a couple of times a week, you will able to keep things going on an even keel.
  • Dinner date once a month- if you are happy for a family member to have your kids overnight then you can go out for a romantic meal. If you don’t feel comfortable with leaving your children then get them tucked up in bed and plan a romantic meal at home. Turn the TV off and let the flame of your love burn once more!!!

Lets face it, if one baby takes up a lot of time then I think its safe to assume two will take up double the amount. Just think of when they are older and you can delegate chores and get them to make you a cuppa while you read a book. Ahhhh, I knew there was a reason why people had kids 🙂


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