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February 23, 2009

Potty Training Update

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Today I have decided to get the big boy pants out. I am going to skip the training pants altogther. We have had 2 wee’s on the carpet and 3 in the potty – so we are winning so far.  I think as Harry is so young I’ll stick to nappies if we go out anywhere but I’ll still bring the potty out with us and sit him on it every now and then. I’m aiming to have him dry during the day by the time he is 2 years old. Harry still doesn’t ask for the potty but he does know when he is about to do a wee because he holds his bits. Granted he might hold his bits 1/16th of a second before he piddles but he still knows its coming. 

We are definatly doing it at the right age for Harry, I fully expect there to be lots of accidents so its just as well we are getting rid of the carpet this summer and replacing it with some wood flooring. When the next littel sprog is here it won’t be so bad , we hope, and he will already be dry during the day so he won’t have that to contend with as well as a new baby in the house.

The best laid plans! Anyway, my dear partner has to get me up the duff first 🙂




1 week to go before I can do a pregnancy test.

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I am seriously going out of my mind, I’m impatient and anxious and I just want to know already. Am I frickin’ pregnant or not??? I don’t know when I ovulated and I don’t know how long my cycle will be this month. Last month it was 32 days but that was the first cycle after stoping the pill so who knows! I have lotsof symptoms this month, same as last month, but i’m scared to get my hopes up as I felt rubbish last month when I AF arrived.

Month 2 of ttc – symptoms

Headaches, bloated, constipation, sore boobs, hard tummy low down, pain for 3 days on right hand side of pelic region, crying at babies on the television.

Thats it so far. God I am yearning so madly and deeply for a pregnant belly. PLease let it be my turn this month, please……



February 3, 2009

I have been in hiding due to severe embarrassment!

Now I know I am supposed to be honest in my blog but I just couldn’t face the embarrasment I would suffer from this one. It has taken me a little while to come clean. Last month was our first month trying to concieve numero 2 and I really truly believed I was pregnant. I had all of the symptoms even down to implantation bleeding on 8dpo. When my period was 4 days late I though it had to be it! Alas, last Friday, my dreaded period arrived. What happened to my instinct, it had been completely besieged by my obsession with becoming pregnant. I am sure I’m not the first ttc-er out there that has done this and I won’t be the last but, jeeeez, its embarrasing. Its almost like I tricked myself into believeing I was pregnant. Will have to be a little more careful this month and keep my insane ravings to the confines of my head!

January 17, 2009

Potty training at 18 months…I must be mad! DAY 1

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Although it might seem early (especially to my dear mum who thinks Harry is way too young to start using a potty) every child is different and it is so obvious when Harry is doing a stinky – contorted face, bright red cheeks, bulging eyes and not to mention the sound effects! It seems a shame not to start putting him on a potty. I must admit I started trying him on the potty when he was 12 months old. He seemed to take to it and really liked putting his foot in it – had to nip that one in the bud rather quickly. So anyway, considering we are now trying for a second baby, it seems like as good a time as any to go cold turkey on nappies during the day. Harry is sitting in front of me at the moment with his chubby little bum on show and seems to be enjoying the freedom down below. We have already had one accident – he wee’d in his shape sorter 🙂  “No problem” I said, “but you must do wee,wee’s in your potty next time”. This coupled with racing to the potty every 5 minutes so he can sit on it just in case is what I shall be doing for the next few days. With any luck we will get a wee in the actual potty and then he can get a sticker on his chart. That should set some cogs in motion.

January 13, 2009

“I can make you thin”: Results after 8 days

I weighed myself this morning and I have lost another pound….thats an unbelievable 4 pounds in 8 days so far!

Also, might I add, that it has been really, really easy. My book came a few days ago and I have read half of it so far and listened to the CD once. I was a bit dubious about the CD but it did make me stop myself  from snacking as I realised I was already full and didn’t need it.

Watch this space for more weight loss updates! How exiting!!!

Is being a stay at home mum easy?

Its a forever open can of worms, with working mums, stay at home mums and mum’s all over the world wanting to profess that what they do is hard work and everyone else has it easy. Having never experienced being a working mum first hand it is a little hard for me to compare, however, one of my very close friends, Ruby, shares with me on a daily basis the turmoils she suffers from working part time and looking after her 8 month old daughter. We met up for lunch recently and she was in a terrible state, the worst I have ever seen her in. Her mother-in-law looks after her little girl while she goes to work 3 days a week. In the begining the situation was ideal.  Ruby was so happy to have a bit of her life back if only for 3 days a week. The pay was decent enough to allow her to continue with the lifestyle she had become accustommed to and not feel guilty about spending the moolar! So when we met up for lunch it came as a supprise to find her not so comfortable with the chilcare arrangement anymore. She said that after spending christmas with her in-laws, she had been driven crazy with the way her mother-in-law always thought she knew what her baby wanted. Everything she did with her own child was criticised and it was ” Oooooh, no, she doesn’t need that, she needs this..etc”. She lost the plot one day at the dining table and blew her top, storming out of the room, leaving everyone in shock 🙂 Ruby is now contemplating giving up her job to look after her baby girl full time. I did’nt really know what to say. Of course, I consoled her and said that her in-laws were being insensitive but deep down I think she knew that this is the path she had chosen to go down when she decided to return to work. Although it is not a choice but a necessitiy for some who need the money in order to pay the bills, those that go back to work  for whatever reason, have to accept that whoever is looking after their child is going to get to know them well and in effect, is temporarily taking over the role of mother.

So, being a stay at home mum is definately emotionally easier. I would say having to switch between employee and mother every day is pretty tough on your sense of “self”! On a daily basis as far as stress and workload goes, I would have to admit that staying at home is slightly easier in my opinion. Its not a case of intellect but of being able to choose when you do your hours that makes a huge difference on your everyday level of happiness. Alright, so I know you need huge amounts of patience and a strong will to spend all day, every day with your kids while doing the mundane household chores, but you can’t argue with the fact that if you have had a restless night with your little one, at least you get the opportunity to catch up on sleep when they go down for a nap. You can do the washing up whenever youwant to that day, there is no strict order in which these things must be done and the flexibility you get with staying at home really reduces the pressure on you in comparrision to someone who has to be there for a meeting at 9am sharp, or needs to hand in a project by the end of that week.

So my sympathy does go out to all the working mums out there, especially those that don’t have a choice…everything comes at a price and I’d rather give up my career any day than give up the precious moments spent with my babies.

January 12, 2009

I want to be pregnant already.

Okay, so I know I’m probably being a bit impatient, seeing as we have only been ttc for 2 weeks now. I swear I have had all of the pregnancy symptoms though…just hope its not all in my mind. I’ve been weeing almost once an hour, I had stomach cramps low down on one side and now they are all over my lower tummy but not so often and very mild. I felt sick a couple of times but not consistantly every day and I haven’t been able to do as much as usual on the treadmill. also, I’ve been feeling lightheaded, very bloated on lower tummy so much so that my “big” jeans don’t feel comfortably anymore, even had implantation bleeding on the 8th day. Starting to notice certain smells are a lot more pungent than usual.

I have done 3 home tests but all negative. I looked it up on the internet and it does say that it would be too early to tell at the moment so perhaps that was a bit optimistic!

I will be really annoyed with myself if this is all in my mind. I’d like to think I was sensible enough to know my own body.

I shall keep you updated – fingers crossed!

January 8, 2009

Diet results after 3 days…

I am quite amazed as this really is very easy to do and I have probably been having about 1,100 calories a day anyway. I’m only eating when I’m hungry and when I do, I really try and take my time over it. Now bare in mind that I am not overweight and at 10 stone (140lbs) I just want to lose about a stone so I can get back to my normal weight in preparation for ttc.  Knowing this, I didn’t think Mckenna’s system would work for me but it has.

So….drumroll please… far, after only 3 days of following Paul Mckenna’s system, I have lost  –

#   3 lb’s   #

That is really supprising. I can’t wait for my book to arrive so I can listen to the CD aswell.

January 6, 2009

Changing my diet to Paul Mckenna!!!

Okay, having read all of the reviews on Amazon and watched the show last night on the box, I have purchased my copy of “I can make you thin” and as soon as it arrives I will let you know. If this works I will truly be amazed. I just can’t bare to starve myself on 1,100 calories anymore. Also, I am sick of frigging calorie counting…I am wasting my precious time alive on this and it doesn’t make me feel good!

I will be documenting my weight loss for you all to see (if there is any weight loss) I am sceptical as I am not overweight but I still want to lose a stone before I ttc.

Here goes nothing (well actually here goes a fiver spent on yet another diet related book, so hopefully it will be my last!)!

Mother Vs. Lover; How do we balance the act?

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Since becoming a mum the one thing I have found hard to accomplish is the daily transition from mother to lover. I’m not talking just about sex but about the whole process of shutting off once your sproglets are in bed and having time with your partner. It is not something that comes easy to me at all.  The more I think about it, change on the whole is quite uncomfortable for me. Despite always having the urge to be moving forward in life, once something does change (ie. moving house, new job, new baby, etc) it takes quite a while until I feel comfortable with it. So when the babies are in bed and the evening begins, how do you cope with letting go of the mummy feeling and participating in couple time? For instance, if I have just come downstairs after doing the bedtime routine and my partner instantly comes over to me for a cuddle, I just can’t handle it. The conflicting emotions in me between mother and lover are just too different and I really need a good half an hour to settle myself into the new role. Once I am ready though its fine, I just have to have that little bit of time to adjust after a whole day of nappy changing, food throwing, picking up off the floor etc. Am I the only one that finds it hard? I really hope not!

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